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​I'm a professional singer, songwriter,
multi-instrumentalist and composer.

My music journey begins in 1998, where until today
I've played in bands from Pop, Rock, Funk, Folk up to metal.
In 2009 I decided to broaden my musical horizons by traveling
abroad. So loaded with suitcases
I traveled to London. There I made a few live appearances in Pub, Bars.
I experimented with "street music" playing
at metro stations and plazas.
The return to Greece finds me 'Looking' for new sounds,
and collaborations with many notable musicians and bands.
My last collaboration was with the Australian composer Pete Murr.
I have made several appearances in music venues and hangouts in
Athens and Greece playing program that includes Pop, Rock, Folk and Funk songs in acoustic performance.

07 NOV

Antonis Vlachos Live Acoustic @ Avlea Music Stage "Gazi" Athens

Also,the lead singer of the Rock band 3Fold Pain

in which the last 2 years participated in numerous festivals through

out Greece most recently that of River Party @ Nestorio,Kastorias.
Additional at May of 2012 we toured Italy.



3Fold Pain & FlyByWire & live @ ANTART Athens GR



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Live @ μπυραρια ξυδι,Ierapetra,Crete

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